‘Green Wave’ on the Earth


‘Green Wave' campaign is a global tree planting campaign of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which marks the celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22. CEE collaborated with CBD on educational efforts in the promotion of Aichi Biodiversity Target 1(‘by 2020, at the latest, people are aware of the values of biodiversity and the steps they can take to conserve and use it sustainably') .

CEE received p articipation from students, teachers, Government institutions, NGO's, and business houses. The plantation activity was carried out in range of habitats like Coastal, Western Ghats, and the Himalayan region of the country.

The diversity of trees varied from region to region. The most planted saplings were Neem ( Azadirachta indica ), Pongamia ( Pongamia pinnata ), Mango ( Mangifera indica ) and Banayan ( Ficus benghalensis ) which have a range of uses from food to medicinal. In total more than 310 tree saplings were planted across India.

This year CEE has also tried to promote the campaign in other parts of the globe through its various networks like UNESCO's ASPNet (Associated Schools Program) and Regional Centres of Excellence (RCEs). Also, 10 schools from UNESCO ASP Net network in Brazil actively participated in the campaign.