‘Bal Mela’ organised on National Science Day


The ‘Bal Mela' is a great learning experience as it encourages interest, understanding and appreciation among children in different subjects. It also provides opportunities for teachers and children to exchange ideas, to arouse the interest of the public in the abilities of students and teachers as well as to provide science education for the community.

It was organized on February 29, 2016 at Government UPS Ghatal under ‘Swapnilshala' project in Rajasthan. The ‘Bal Mela' was linked with National Science Day which is celebrated on February 28, 2016.

The Bal Mela was arranged in different sections like the science, games, and arts-crafts. The interested students chose various topics to demonstrate during the exhibition which they were later oriented in. They also prepared charts of their respective topics so as to display in front of their stalls. The oriented students were assigned stalls which were visited by other while children as well as neighbouring schools. Community members also participated.

Around 450 children participated in the ‘Bal Mela'. Activities such as ‘balancing pencil', ‘natural pH indicator', ‘how does aeroplane fly?', ‘Newton's car', ‘coloured disc', ‘Somas cube', ‘Pin the donkeys tail', thread painting, thumb painting, snake and ladder linked to sanitation, etc. were carried out.