Bharat Darshan – A Social Science Fair

CEE West in collaboration with Essar Foundation has been working with 17 government and private primary schools of Choryasi taluka of Surat District, Gujarat under the Project “Guruji”. As a culmination, a teachers training on different methods of demonstration for the subject of Social Science was held. They had the hands on experience in the training. Later, each school has selected different topics of social science like ‘Mughal Dynasty', ‘Function of Court', ‘Continents of the world', etc. The teachers facilitated the students to prepare their exhibition. Around 11 different exhibition methods were used by them. A total of 10 schools participated in the fair and presented their exhibition. ‘Social Science Fair' aimed to provide a common platform for the students where they can have a larger view of the subject and can understand the connection between the subjects like history, civics and geography. It also provided a chance to students to present their skills and interact with other schools' students as well. Around 1000 students from 11 schools visited the fair. Other than schools and their principals and teachers, villagers as well as representatives of other NGOs also visited the fair.