CEE Kolkata’s Urja Chetana bags the Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards 2016


CESC initiated Urja Chetana in schools since 2012, in partnership with CEE Kolkata in West Bengal, in line with its business initiatives and commitment towards environmental protection. Urja Chetana is an action based education programme for students to build capacity in the area of energy conservation, sanitation, waste management, rainwater harvesting, and nurturing local biodiversity by developing medicinal plant gardens.

It was conceived with the objective of improvement of the schools' micro-environment by empowering teachers and students to implement sustainable action projects within school premises. Each and every activity in the project is measured with impact mapping and disseminates the learning to individual's houses and communities. The planning, capacity building and action on environment sustainability are undertaken at the club level, the whole school level and beyond the whole school level approach. This provides an opportunity to the students to learn about their environment and the need to conserve it for a sustainable future.

Highlights of 2014-15

a) 30 schools with 1000 students were mobilised as Eco Club members in the project activities

b) The whole school level approach saw participation of over 5000 students

c) Students of 20 schools recycled 250 kg of food waste and 70 kg of paper waste during the last six months

d) 1,785 kg of food waste per month is being sent to pig farms during the last six months and 120 kg of paper waste had been sent to a recycling unit

e) 4 schools harvested 12,646 litres of rainwater in 2015 which was earlier used for cleaning, sanitation purpose and gardening

f) Organic compost is now being used for gardening purpose and recycled paper is being developed into various products, such as paper bags, greeting cards, pen stands, masks, etc.