Celebrating World Water Day 2016 at Kuroli, Uttarkashi

CEE Himalaya with the support from JSW Foundation, organized an event on the occasion of World Water Day at Kuroli, Uttarkashi on March 22, 2016. It aimed to bring the attention of community to the issues related to water availability and its judicial use as well as to take actions to address the issues and begin conserving it. The event was attended by 83 people, largely women, adolescent girls, youth and school children.

CEE team and community members discussed impact of climate change on water bodies and the increasing incidences of water borne diseases, due to pollution and poor maintenance of water collection points and water conservation and management. They tested the water quality of the traditional water collection point and demonstrated simple techniques to community which can be used at home to monitor the quality of water.

Village Panchayat was also provided with a ‘Water Quality Testing' kit by CEE Team. ‘Yuva Mangal Dal' along with CEE Team initiated a ‘Clean Drive' in the village wherein the entire youth of the village was involved in cleaning the major collection point, small streams and drainage. The event concluded by writing pledges for conserving the fast depleting water sources as well as maintaining the existing sources of water.