Co-Lab Workshop on Bioremediation


A Co-lab workshop, held from November 26-28, 2016, conducted by the Department of Biochemical Engineering of University College London (UCL), invited Ms Reema Banerjee, Programme Coordinator, Waste Management, CEE to share her experiences on the gap between technology and implementation of bioremediation projects on various sites in India. The workshop consisted of activities that brought together the local artists, scientists and designers to brainstorm and work on an interdisciplinary project around bioremediation in India.

Ms Banerjee shared the various field experiences of such remediation projects done by CEE and what socio-economical issue should be considered, besides technology, while trying a bioremediation initiative in India.

The workshop also had lab activities on bioremediation and short lectures on Biochemical Cycles , Biology 101 and the State of Art Bioremediation . The participants utilised the facilities of the ‘Institute of Making' at UCL, to make tangible prototypes to demonstrate the group project, on the last day.  

UCL would be exploring opportunities to conduct field trials of the pilots of bioremediation on certain sites of India, along with Blacksmith Institute and CEE. A team of UCL experts is likely to visit India by March 2017, to assess the scope and possibility for the same.