Innovations in Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Reuse, Wastewater-the untapped resource


Date: 10 th January, 2018

Venue: GPCB-Auditorium, Gandhinagar  

Registration fees: Rs. 3500 [per person]
(inclusive of kit, training material, brochure, schedule, morning and evening breakfasts and lunch)

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GPCB, NEERI, Nagpur and CEE, Ahmedabad is jointly organizing the aforesaid one day workshop on as per the MoU signed between CEE and GPCB on 30 th  January, 2017. Eminent and highly proficient speakers from NEERI, IIT, CPCB, NIO, GPCB, NCL, CEE and SMC will address various technical aspects of wastewater treatment technologies to the participants through the concept of circular economy and industrial symbiosis.

The program would touch upon subjects such as :

1) Cutting age technologies for treatment of CETP effluent  and its reuse

2) Reuse and recycling of treated waste water in textile and pharmaceutical sectors-case studies

3) AOP based advanced wastewater treatment at CETP (NIA)-a case of first ever non-biological CETP

4) Waste is wealth; recovery of valuable products from industrial effluent-case studies

5) Industrial symbiosis-sustainable reuse of treated sewage from local body for industrial purpose-case studies

6) Application of Hydrodynamic Cavitation process for treatment of wastewater from industrial sectors-case studies

7) Phytorid wastewater treatment- case study by NEERI

8) ZLD-concept, pros and cons and economical aspects

9) Marine disposal; present scenario and future prospects-case studies

Beneficiaries : Individual industries representatives; Industrial associations; all common facility operators (CETPs, CBWTFs, TSDFs, CHWIFs, MSW);  pre-processing facilities; regulators such as local bodies and Pollution Control Boards; offices of the collectorates, policy makers such as representatives of Department of Environment of State Governments; academia and research institutes; technical students; NGOs; auditors; and consultants

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For any further queries, kindly contact:

Mr. Vipul Patel
Assistant Programme Officer, IPP Group
Mobile no .:  +919824754138 and 7383761275
Office : 079-26844764