On-site Training on Biomedical Waste Segregation


CEE conducted a training session of the hospital staff in Chirayu Hospital, Kalaburagi, Karnataka under ‘Common Healthcare waste Appropriate Management Plant (CHAMP). It was a unique international collaborative project funded by the Indo-Norwegian Environment Programme. As part of this programme, the recent changes in biomedical waste segregation were explained. Earlier, expired medicines were discarded to black bags. But as per the new Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016, all the expired medicines will be discarded to the yellow liners.

CHAMP facilitates the safe disposal of biomedical waste generated from 720 hospitals in and across Kalaburagi district. It has significantly created awareness to the hospital staff about biomedical waste segregation and its safe disposal. It is instrumental in providing continuous training and education about biomedical waste segregation and management rules to doctors, nursing staff and medical students.