RCE Srinagar receives UNU-IAS’s 2016 RCE Award


Regional Centre of Expertise, (RCE Srinagar) has been awarded 2016 RCE Awards for Innovative Projects in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the ‘Outstanding Flagship Project' for its ‘Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient Communities in the Indian Himalayan Region' programme that contributes towards community engagement in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction across Indian Himalayan Region.

This programme by CEE Himalaya and RCE Srinagar focuses on disaster risk reduction, climate change education, capacity building and sustainable livelihoods through its ‘Rebuilding' programmes- ‘Rebuilding Trust' (post Kashmir Earthquake on 8 October 2005 and J&K Deluge during September 2014) and ‘Rebuilding Faith' (post Uttarakhand Floods 16-17 June 2013). In addition to this, media capacity building workshops on Climate Change and Development in the Indian Himalayan Region; supporting Science Express Climate Action Special (SECAS), a mobile exhibition; and multimedia mobile exhibition in the Indian Himalayan Region were also part of the programme for raising awareness.


The RCE Award for Innovative Projects in Education for Sustainable Development was established in 2012 to celebrate ‘good practices' in ESD conducted by RCEs worldwide. The Award recognizes projects, initiatives, and activities that have translated existing local knowledge into concrete sustainable practices, and empowered individuals and communities to make sustainable choices. It honors RCEs that have made outstanding contributions to sustainable practices and have influenced and strengthened various education and sustainability efforts.

For the three categories- (1) Outstanding Flagship Project, (2) Acknowledged Flagship Project, and (3) Honourable Mention; under the themes- Biodiversity, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Higher Education & TVET, Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Youth; 10 projects were nominated in this year from around the world.