Trash the Trash - Ideate for Change


Trash the Trash, a one day meet, was an opportunity provided to these 200 student from GLS J.P. Shah Institute of Business Administration, Ahmedabad to enable them to learn, debate and call for entries on how to eliminate the culture of littering by sharing creative campaign ideas. The youth participants were encouraged to work on these ideas and design a campaign for submission and action. Various ideas such as running flash mobs and street theatre; placing special dustbins for vegetable vendors that can be used for wet waste to be sent for composting directly; encouraging the habit of carrying personal pocket bin in cars/bag; T-shirts with creative slogans; and many more came up during this meet.

This campaign will also be taking place in Baroda and Surat during the month of January, leading up to a final Ahmedabad city level event by the end of the month of February. Youth from other cities in Gujarat will be engaged through CEE's online platform for Swachhagraha .

Swachhagraha - an initiative of Adani Foundation, is a nationwide movement to create a culture of cleanliness amongst the people. With CEE as the knowledge and implementation partner, the project aims to interact with and engage people to bring a behavioral change by involving them to take action towards ‘creating a culture of cleanliness'. Swachhagraha started in 2016 by integrating behavior change education in cleanliness, sanitation, personal hygiene and civic consciousness in the schools of Gujarat.