Trees for the Earth: Educational Programme on World Earth Day


On the occasion of World Earth Day on 22 April 2016, CEE Himalaya with the support from JSW Foundation conducted an awareness Program on “Trees for the Earth" in Junior high School, Barsu, Uttarkashi.

A total of 25 participants including students, teachers were present at the event. The program aimed at informing, spreading awareness and motivating participants towards conservation of forests at an individual and community level with a special heed to mountain forest and more plantation.

Activities such as interaction on importance of trees in mountainous regions , quiz on local medicinal plants and their usefulness, and discussion on major problems arising due to proliferating deforestation such as Climate change, environmental degradation, loss of ecosystem and biodiversity, frequent catastrophic events, etc took place.

With the help of CEE team, the participants, planted five local trees, namely, Buransh (Rhododendron arboretum), Oak (Quercus), Walnut (Juglans), Devdar (Cedrus deaodara) and Chullu (A local tree). The students attained in depth knowledge and everyone took pledge of maintaining the greenery, beauty and salubrious environment of Mountains towards saving the planet.