Centre for Environment Education (CEE) celebrated ‘Vana Mahotsav 2016' in Ahmedabad today (July 22, 2016) at the CEE campus. 45 saplings were planted by the staff members of CEE, Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction (VIKSAT). 11 new species of trees were added to the collection of previous hundred species already existing on the CEE campus. Along with this, 38 species were also planted at CEE South campus. Kartikeya V. Sarabhai, Director - CEE, initiated the event by planting the Ashok/Seeta Ashok [Saraca asoca] sapling at the CEE campus.

“The initial awareness on greening focused on tree plantation. From there, we went on to not just plantation, but also taking care of trees and nurturing them, till they matured. We are now going into the next phase, where we also celebrate the huge diversity of trees and start recognizing their importance, their position in our ecology, and the insects, birds and animals they attract,” said Kartikeya V. Sarabhai, Director, CEE.

The next phase of the event will see plantations of other species of trees and shrubs. “To enrich the tree diversity in the CEE campus, we have added these new species. We are committed towards biodiversity conservation, and aim to achieve this by enriching our species collection,” said Bharat Pathak, Director, VIKSAT.