Workshop and Multi-stakeholder’s Consultation at GIDC, Pandesara, Surat


The workshop and consultation started with a brief introduction regarding the need and purpose of the programme by Mr. Jitendra Vakharia, President, South Gujarat Textile Processors Association (SGTPA)) and Mr. Kamal Tulshiyan, Chairman, PIL.

Mr. J. K. Vyas Head-IPP group of CEE, Ahmedabad delivered a presentation covering all the aspects of the compliance of different environmental legislations for creating better awareness and capacity building of all concerned and all their recent amendments with suitable practical examples. He had also explained about the sustainable industrial production for textile sector as well as some state government schemes as regards availability of subsidies for up gradation of EMS of the Industries of MSME and common infrastructure facilities.

The workshop served as a great opportunity for the industrialists, common facility operators, consultants and others concerned to discuss and understand both; the technical and regulatory aspects of environment as well as different governmental policies/subsidies available for the small, medium and large scale industries for further scale up or further expansion of industrial unit resulting into better compliance and improve the quality of environment.

More than 70 representatives of member units of CETP Pandesara GIDC, local consultants, SGTPA, PIL, Regional Officer of GPCB long with their teams actively participated in this programme.