Workshop on Promoting Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency in Indian MSMEs


The workshop served as a great opportunity for the industrial association, industrialists, common facility operators, consultants and others concerned. More than 100 industrialists of SGTPA, common facility operators and local environmental consultants participated actively in the workshop.

The participants discussed their problems regarding the question on reduction of energy conception in present situation, sustainable industrial production, different governmental policies/schemes for common environmental infrastructural facilities, utilisation state /central government subsidies available for the expansion of small, medium and large scale industries/industrial associations.

At the workshop, Mr. J. K. Vyas Head, IPP, CEE stressed the importance of environmental legislations and their compliance. He further emphasized the need of common facilities like caustic recovery and pre-processing facilities for the industries and their advantages to individual industries , common facility operators ,enforcing agencies and finally but the most important of all to the environment. Shri Jitubhai Vakharia, President of SGTPA, Surat covered all the aspects of implementation of PLC base system for jet dying or boiler, caustic recovery plant and solar drying system for solid waste from CETP and environmental conservation. Dr. Debojit Das, UNIDO, stressed on utilisation of technology while Mr. Garnaik, Chief General Manager, during his speech, quoted facts about energy conservation. R. Chavda, Joint Commissioner, DIC, Surat informed the audience about different State governmental schemes and subsidy available for the individual industry as well as to the common environmental infrastructure development.