Earth Day  

Painting Competition

Centre for Environment Education, in association with the Times of India and The Earth Day Network celebrated the Earth Day eve at CEE on 21st April. The event was organized to create awareness about the Earth Day and saw participation of over 350 people from around Ahmedabad. Many activities were organized to engage all age groups. These included:

Painting Competition

A Painting Competition for children on the theme ‘My city, my river’, which saw participation from over 200 children who were then divided into two age categories- 6 to 10 year olds and 11 to 14 year olds.

Environmental quiz

The Environmental Quiz was organized to test the knowledge of participants about the environment. The quiz meant for school students who participated as a team, representing their schools, tested their knowledge on themes ranging from climate change, food, culture and heritage to my city my river and general environment. Facilitated by Mr. Madhu Menon from Anala, the final phase of the quiz was conducted in 5 rounds, namely, 2 visual rounds with buzzers, 2 multiple choice rounds and a conclusive rapid fire round.

Group Photo on Earth Day Event

Photography Workshop

The Photography Workshop by Ms. Shilpa Gavane dealt with the environmental aspect of photography. The 60 attendees ranged from the age group of 13 to 60 years. The workshop started with general introduction about photography and simultaneously gave an insight to its environmental aspects.

After the general introduction, class was allowed to choose one from the four themes:

1) Climate Change and Awareness
2) People and Hope
3) Spread Awareness
4) Beautiful Precious World

Thus, four groups that were formed were made to shoot photos in the campus of CEE. Soon after the photo shoot, every individual in the group had to discuss among themselves and come out with two best photographs.

A representative from each group was called to explain their photograph. Based on their photograph, the quality of each was discussed by Shilpa.

Apart from these activities a declaration wall and a pledge commitment wall were installed on campus where people from all age groups could express themselves and share their opinions on the environment. An art installation made out of waste newspapers was also prepared on campus with the help of volunteers and other participants.