Press Conference at CEE
Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director, CEE, speaks to the Press on the eve of the EC+10:

A press conference was held yesterday at CEE, with Kartikeya Sarabhai outlining the objectives of the conference, its relevance and expected outcomes. The press conference was well attended with participation from major regional and national publication groups.

Kartikeya Sarabhai speaks to the Press at CEE

We had a chat with Mr. Sarabhai to find out more about the Press Conference.

What was the purpose of the Press Conference?
We wanted to announce the start of the EC+10, talk about its significance and the outcomes expected from it. We wanted people to know about the conference and also because this conference is unique in a way since its proceedings are going to be online too.For the people who wish to be a part of it but cannot be present, they can still participate virtually.
How has the press received the Conference?

The press was very positive and inquisitive. The term Ethical Framework isn't a part of everyone's everyday vocabulary. It's important to explain it with some simple examples. The press wanted to know the importance of the EC document. Its important to let them know the whole breadth of issues that will be covered in this conference

How are the Earth Charter and CEE going to be associated in the future?
It's one of the objectives of the Earth Charter is to build partnership. I, as an individual, have been a part of EC for over 3 years now and now the entire organization is getting involved with the conference and understanding what it is all about. That is what this conference is all about. it creates awareness.The Earth Charter is not just a document. It's a tool to start a discussion in a class room on what is fair, not fair, on what we need to do for sustainability. The Earth Charter is a document that is focused on sustainability. The conference itself is focused on ethics in relation to the EC goals and objectives. We hope that this conference can take the EC forward.

Pep Talk– The speakers at the EC+10 Conference

Alexander Likhotal
President and CEO of Green Cross International will chair the discussion on Climate Change. Nov 1, 4:00 pm – 6:00pm





Dr. Likhotal started his academic career as a lecturer at the Moscow State Institute for International Affairs, and later became a Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Vice Rector. During Gorbachev's perestroika, he became the Head of the European security desk at the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union . In 1991 Mr. Likhotal was appointed Deputy Spokesman and Advisor to the President of the USSR .

We Care!, There is only one Earth - Presentation on the Earth Care Award
The Earth Care Awards is a unique way of highlighting direct action with regard to the climate change challenge in India . The award has been instituted to reward excellence in climate change mitigation and adaptation. This is in response to growing consciousness in recent years about issues associated with climate change making it important to identify and encourage locally evolved options to reduce emissions, approaches to protect land and water resources and other innovations that will help reduce climate change impacts while emphasizing appropriate environmental action.  
Mrs. Sangeeta Jindal, Chairperson, JSW Foundation, Mr. Raideep Asst Vice President, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd., Dr. R. Gopichandran, Centre for Environment Education will be in attendance at the presentation of the Earth Care Awards.
November 1, 2010, 6pm to 6:30 pm

The Cultural Mélange

Born in San José , Costa Rica , on October 4, 1961, Obregón began playing piano at the age of seven.   An intense desire to experiment has led Manuel Obregón down the paths of theater, cinema, and dance. Jazz has been his platform for musical ideas, and the best vehicle for connecting with nature and with traditional musicians.

Hon.Obregon is currently the Costa Rican Minister of Youth and Culture.

“Simbiosis” is a search for sounds that existed before instruments. The musical pieces were written to celebrate the heart of a rainforest. “Simbiosis” is edited to join music and images together, intending to show the animals' artistic qualities in their amorous or their acrobatic frenzies,to show how fascinating the gestures of the animals in a fight over a piece of fruit or just the coexistence of species can be. 

Manuel Obregon will be performing on campus at CEE. The performance is titled “New Age: Environmental” Nov 1 from 8 pm to 9 pm.

He will also be also be speaking at Plenary 5 on Nov 2.

Join the conversation :

Tete-a-tete with Guests
Fernanda Baumhardt, Earth Charter- Communication and Media Task Force , Brazil
Fernanda, an active member of the Earth Charter, is the woman who is behind spreading the word about the Earth Charter through newer means of media like participatory videos and documentaries, making it possible to reach out to larger numbers of people. Having arrived in India just a week ago, she has clearly soaked in the local culture for she folds her hands to greet us with a Namaste and happily breezes through the interview.
How long have you been working in the field of Documentary film-making?
I actually had two phases. I was into journalism and production for 2 years and then shifted to advertising-sales- I sold my soul, as they say. I did sales for 11 years, working with CNN for 7 whole years.
So when did you decide you want to be a documentary film-maker and not part of corporate media anymore?

After 12 years of working. Thats when I decided I had enough. Buddhism helped me in making the decision. I wanted to start all over again. There was a feeling in me that said I want to give back to the people, contribute to the planet. Even today, it's hard, but it gives me immense satisfaction to be able to help.

How did you get involved with the Earth Charter?

I came to know about the Earth Charter from my Buddhist group. My group's president was on the drafting committee of Earth Charter. Initially I didn't know where I was related to the Earth Charter, but the Earth Charter gave me direction. I fell in love with the Earth Charter principles. They are so profound, and pervasive throughout life styles.

Sing Along with Me –Music Album “Life Alert” inspired by the Earth Charter by Enrique Rodriguez- Pastor
Date: November 1, 2010 , 11am
The ECI Secretariat and composer Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor are pleased to present Life Alert, a new music album inspired by the Earth Charter. This collaborative project, which has been developed over the past year and a half, was created to provide a useful resource to educators of primary schools who are interested in working with values and principles of sustainability in the classroom. 

Playful and full of youthful energy, this album is geared toward children ages 5 – 12, yet it can be enjoyed by all ages. Founded on optimism, the songs (which vary from punk rock and hip hop to reggae and experimental) strike a unique balance between seriousness and silliness.

Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor (aka Quique), the composer and musician, is an educator who was raised in both Peru and the United States .

Pre – Conference Preparations in full swing

The Media at the Press Conference

Workshops being set up

The Youth - A determined and firm presence at the Conference, preparing to make a difference!!

THE EARTH CHARTER – Spread the Knowledge

Principle 1.
Respect Earth and life in all its diversity.  
a. Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings.
b. Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual potential of humanity.

Principle 2.
Care for the community of life with understanding, compassion, and love.
a. Accept that with the right to own, manage, and use natural resources comes the duty to prevent environmental harm and to protect the rights of people.
b. Affirm that with increased freedom, knowledge, and power comes increased responsibility to promote the common good.

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