The Conference
Celebrating a decade of working towards a more sustainable world in response to the challenge and vision of sustainable development, the Earth Charter Initiative in partnership with the Centre for Environment Education, announces the commencement of the EC+10 International Conference at Ahmedabad. The event will bring together people from all sectors and from countries around the world to engage in dialogue, to collaborate and reflect on 10 years of the Earth Charter and consider the next steps towards a sustainable future.

The Conference theme ‘Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World', expects to explore and engage participants in deep and rewarding discussions about the meaning of sustainable development with the Earth Charter serving as the lynchpin of all deliberations. Distinguished Earth Charter educators and activists including His Holiness, Shree Shree Ravi Shankar, will share their experiences and be our guides in the plenary sessions of the conference to encourage a positive conceptualization of the future while addressing key world challenges, issues and priorities.

Look who's talking – Speakers at the EC+10 Conference

Steven Rockefeller: Co-Chair of Earth Charter International Council
Keynote Address on 1 st November at 11:00 a.m.

The Co-Chair of the Earth Charter International Council will be presenting the keynote at the Earth Charter Plenary. Mr.Rockefeller is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Middlebury College , where he has taught for 30 years. He has also served as Dean of the College and Chair of the Department of Religion.

Over the past 15 years, he has been actively involved in the Earth Charter Initiative, chairing the Earth Charter International Drafting Committee from 1996 to 2000. Over the past twelve years, Professor Rockefeller has played a leading role in the drafting and promotion of the Earth Charter . Following the launch of the Earth Charter in 2000, he was made a member of the Earth Charter Commission . He currently serves as Co-Chair of the Earth Charter International Council and as Chair of Earth Charter Associates , Ltd., which has been set up to provide the ECI Council with financial and legal assistance. His essays on the history, structure, and purpose of the Earth Charter appear in many publications.

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre & IUCN President Dr. Ashok Khosla
Video Conference on 1st November at 12:30 p.m
IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world's largest conservation/environment membership organization which brings together states, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, scientists and experts in a unique worldwide partnership. IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefevre and IUCN President Dr. Ashok Khosla are noted experts in their fields

Julia Marton-Lefèvre is a member of a number of boards, councils and committees for organizations such as the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), UPEACE, LEAD and many other international bodies. She also serves on environmental advisory committees to the Dow Chemical Company and The Coca-Cola Company. She has received the AAAS Award for International Cooperation in Science and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of the United Kingdom .

Dr. Ashok Khosla is one of world's leading experts on the environment and sustainable development. Currently the President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and also President of the Club of Rome, he was awarded the 2002 Sasakawa Environment Prize - "the Nobel Prize of the environment world" - and has been named in the UNEP's Global 500 Roll of Honour .

Workshops of Interest

Workshop by – SWEDESD ( Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development )

Workshop - Ecosystem Services, Strong Sustainability and Agency (ESSA) – Learning for change
What is it about? – Exploring methods and materials that will help teachers with regard to education relating to sustainable development and ecosystem services along with ways of integrating them within the formal education systems to augment present teaching practices.

SWEDESD Education Programme introduces Ecosystem Services, Strong Sustainability and Agency (ESSA) – Learning for change. The UN recognizes proclaimed 2005-14 as the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD). The overall goal of UNDESD is “To integrate the principles, values and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and learning. The ESD is aimed towards encouraging a change in behavior that will create that will present a more sustainable future for the coming years and generations while addressing the social, cultural and environmental changes and problems that we face.

The objective of SWEDESD (Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development) through this workshop is to start a process with the aim to develop methods, means and materials that will help teachers to fulfill a thorough and well planned education for strong sustainability including ecosystem services and action competencies (agency). A teaching that will lead to knowledge and insights towards a deeper understanding of the qualities highlighted in the sections on the MDGs and ESD above. Through the workshop SWEDESD also wishes to explore how strong sustainability and ecosystem services can be highlighted and worked with within formal education systems to enhance current teaching practices.

Exhibitions on Campus

Experience the rich culture and colourful heritage of Ahmedabad!

The Ahmedabad International Arts Festival is holding special events on the CEE Campus.


KOI SUNTA HAI – A journey of Kumar and Kabir
(Someone is listening)

This film interweaves the oral folk traditions involving the work of Kabir, a famous 15th century poet in central India , with the intensely personal narrative of the late classical singer Pandit Kumar Gandharva. This film searches for that elusive sound, that jhini si awaaz , Kabir urges us to hear. Where does it resonate, that subtle sound? Journeying between folk and classical, oral and written, rural and urban expressions of this 15th century mystic poet of north India , the film finds moments of both continuity and rupture between these disparate worlds.

Film by   Shabnam Virmani
Language:   Hindi, Malwi   &   English with English Subtitles
Duration:   96 min Venue: CEE Auditorium Time: 5:00pm

Mystics of a Sufi Singer

Indulge in some soul-stirring Sufi music in the cool evenings at the CEE Campus. Sufi music concert by Shabnam Virmani and Mooralala Marwada of the Meghval community of Kutch .

Program: Cultural
Venue: CEE Campus
Time: 7 pm onwards

In and About! - Pre-Conference Trips in and around Ahmedabad.
For those who love wandering about in a new place to soak in the sounds and sights of new cities, CEE has arranged a few trips that will satiate all wandering souls!!

Heritage Walk – Follow the foot prints of time in the Old City

Every morning you are offered the opportunity to participate in a heritage walk in Ahmedabad where visitors can get to explore the old city. It is basically a guided walk that takes you through the old city of Ahmedabad and its living traditions which are still intact within the houses, mosques, minarets, step wells and temples.

Duration: Three to four hours
Contact -


The Thol Sanctuary, is a haven for migratory birds . Situated 25 kms away from Ahmedabad, m any winter visitors like the Great White Pelicans flamingos , a variety of waterfowl including  mallards  and large numbers of  geese Sarus Cranes  and many other waders are commonly sighted at this sanctuary. 

Distance – 25 kms/ 15.5 miles
Duration: – 3-4 hours, Morning and Evening
Contact -

Lothal or the Mound of the Dead: Ancient City of the Indus Valley Civilization

Lothal   rose into prominence when the ruins of a 4500 year old city were unearthed here.   Lothal   has since then been a center of attraction for all lovers of archaeology and history. It is for these ruins that Lothal has become a major attraction for history lovers. An important tourist center in   Lothal   is the Museum situated next to the ruins. It houses various objects found in the ruins that provide evidence of contacts with contemporary civilizations in Egypt , Persia and Sumeria.

CEE will host a Live & Interactive Multicast via the Internet for the plenary sessions of the International Conference "Ethical Framework for A Sustainable World" on November 1,2,3, 2010.
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