Although I look like fluffy cotton, I am not a delicate darling. I can breakdown hard stuff like wood and cardboard. With waste mountains eclipsing the sun in our cities you just can't do without me. I am your source of the new fuel 'ethanol' in cars.
Although I live in a rented house – root nodules of leguminous plants, I pay a very substantial rent by fixing nitrogen, the building blocks of proteins for all the land and the landlord. Won't you vote for me?
People keep me apart because I cause food spoilage. But I ooze a substance called Penicillin which is used as an important medicine.
I get under urad dal's skin and secretly make the idli batter rise. People think I am pungent but I give plenty of B vitamins. I am the wild yeast. Vote for the mysterious me!!
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We may be 100 times smaller than a bacterium but we give the power to the Ganga. We are the magicians with a wand that inject toxins into bad bugs and make them vanish to restore rivers to pristinity. Vote for Captain Phago toli and we will take charge clearly!
I am the cheerful green hero which floats easily on freshwater. I love to hog the sunlight to trap carbon and drive away climate change blues. I am the hero of the 21st century. Don't forget to vote for me.
I am the king of the gut. I grow so fast that I keep all the nasty bugs out. I am not all mass and no substance - I make a very important vitamin K2 without which you feel weak and tired. So you need my vote and I need yours
Do you know who makes yummy dahi and paneer, who keeps your gut healthy and drives away nasty bugs? It's me, it's me!! So vote for me.

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(Rhizomucor pusillus))
( Rhizobium leguminosarum)
Blue Mold
(Penicilium notarum)
Wild Yeast
(Saccharomyces paradoxus)
Bacteriophage T40%
(Spirogyra hyalina)
E. Coli
(Escherichia Coli K-12)
(Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus)

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