Paryavaran Mitra: A pan-India School Programme with focus on 'Hand Print': Action for Sustainability  
Paryavaran Mitra (Friends of Environment) is a programme which envisions creating 20 million young green leaders from schools across India. Taking a step forward, from awareness to action, the Paryavaran Mitra Programme focuses on positive action for the environment, mainly under the 5 broad Programme themes—Water and Sanitation; Energy; Biodiversity and Greening; Waste Management; and Culture and Heritage. With a focus on 'Action', the Programme engages Indian schools and children, with the spirit of increasing the 'Hand Print', towards mitigating Climate Change and support towards global Sustainability.

So far, about 150000 schools from across India have joined this nation-wide education movement on climate change and sustainability education. The network of 150000 schools is anchored through a160 partnerships with major school-based initiatives across India. Over the last two years, the Paryavaran Mitra Programme has already trained about 13000 teachers and has provided a set of school-based resource material in ESD in about 15 Indian languages.

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