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World Environment Day - 5 June 2008
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Choices can make a difference

  • The Earth’s climate system is warming!
    Climate Change is the defining issue of our times.
    It calls for our attention.

  • CO2
    Global warming is attributed to increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2), the most notable greenhouse gas, is an unavoidable by-product of using fossil fuels in transport and electricity production, which are vital for development!

  • Sustainability and Growth
    India needs to ensure rapid growth so that benefits of development reach out to our poor. The challenge is to achieve this growth in a sustainable way that is in line with our national priorities.

  • Pick Right
    Picking right, making the right choices, can make positive contribution to the future of planet Earth. Individuals, communities, companies and all policy makers need to choose alternatives and good practices that promote energy efficiency, conservation and sustainable consumption.