School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project - Teacher Training:

Supported by UNICEF and facilitated by CEE, the SSHE project seeks to demonstrate a health and hygiene model and build capacity of stakeholders to carry it. CEE’s role in the programme is to organise implementation of the project, which includes Teacher’s Master Training at state level, Teacher Training Workshops at the district level, development of concurrent monitoring and reporting systems, development of district plans of action through consultation workshops, demonstration and implementation of School Sanitation Programme in schools and rapid assessment and baseline surveys of the schools.

CEE Andhra Pradesh with support from UNICEF and TSC has been involved in training teachers with main focus on providing educational material for use by teachers and training for teacher trainers. The partnership commenced Khammam and educational materials were developed.

A teacher training manual was developed, based on the Environmental Studies curriculum of standards 3-5, contains information for teachers and activities for students on the use of toilets, safe drinking water and personal hygiene. It is organised in five sections:

  •  Sanitation and Hygiene in the curriculum
•  Safe disposal of faeces
•  Washing hands after defecation
•  Safe drinking water
•  Behavioural change in children

A poster Maa Badi Chakkanaina Badi (Our School—a Neat School) was developed based on best practices in sanitation and hygiene infrastructure, use and maintenance. Six thousand copies of the manual and poster were produced and distributed to schools in the three districts.

CEE trained the Mandal Educational Officers, Mandal Resource Persons, Mandal Literacy Officers and selected teachers in the three districts, covering a total of 150 trainers. The training programme mainly seeks to develop an understanding of water and sanitation issues concerning school children and interesting approaches to sanitation and hygiene education in primary schools.


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