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Children Forest Programme (CFP)

CFP is a programme to develop green campus and to introduce environmental education to create better school environment. The programme focuses on schools - children, teachers, school management and local community.

CFP was initiated in year 1991 by OISCA an international NGO from Japan . The programme is presently being implemented in 27 developing countries. In India, CFP programme is reaching to 1550 schools of various States. CEE North has been selected as one of the agency to implement this five year long programme.

In Uttar Pradesh, CFP is being introduced in five districts under Uttar Pradesh Participatory Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation Project (UP-PFMPAP) of UP Forest Department supported by JICA where 100 schools will be selected from each district. CEE is implementing CFP in Lucknow district focusing on following objectives:

a)         To grow mini forest by planting various suitable indigenous tree species in areas designated by the school and maintain for long-term.
b)         To educate and sensitize students and in turn their families and society on the importance of forest to maintain our environment.
c)         To promote a sense of affection towards nature through environment education.
d)         To motivate students in initiating networking and mobilizing community to undertake activities for environment protection and ecological conservation.
e)         To use incomes generated from mini forest for improving school facility and/or enhancing the school meal programme.


CFP is being implemented in schools with following criteria:

  • government/semi government/private schools
  • rural/semi-urban/urban schools
  • schools having space for planting at least 100 saplings
  • schools keen on developing green campus and willing to improve learning environment

The programme will be initiated in 100 schools spread across Lucknow district. The programme will be implemented during five year period (2010-2015). The CFP School will take up following actions:

  • Formation of a CFP committee including principal, teacher/s, student representative, non-teaching staff, community members, etc.
  • Selection of CFP teacher in charge/s and participation in training programme
  • Formation of CFP action team of students from std 5 to 10 and their orientation
  • Participation of CFP action team in nature tour and EE programmes
  • Conducting Environmental Review of school campus
  • Development CFP action plan
  • Plantation of 100 saplings and its maintenance
The school selection and activities is being done in batch wise manner. The first batch of 35 schools has been selected with the help of Education Department officials and other references. Schools have been enrolled for the programme and an orientation programme was conducted for the group. After going through orientation, school children were taken on nature tour to a forest reserve to get exposure on greening and conservation.
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