India Urban Initiative:

India Urban Initiative:

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Urban Initiatives are supporting CEE in Mumbai and Kolkata, through the India City Managers' Association (ICMA), for two sub-components of the India Urban Initiative.

In Mumbai, CEE is developing a draft strategy and communication on SWM and compiling case studies of best practices, in close association with the All India Institute of Local Self Government, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, and Mumbai Transformation Initiative. The work includes three levels of communication:

• Generic campaign identity and basic publicity material;

• Specific tools for priority SWM aspects for MCGM to communicate with citizens, specific functionaries and other stakeholders; and

• Communication as an integral part of MCGM's SWM function.

In Kolkata, CEE is developing a management plan and communication strategy for the East Kolkata Wetland (EKWL). The plan for implementation of conservation and sustainable use and functional integrity of the wetland is at an advanced stage of development. Interactions with stakeholders and research on alternative land use and resource extraction patterns are expected to guide the development of the plan. The project has the following main components:

• Collation and analysis of data from various sources on work already done towards protection/conservation of EKWL.

• Review of roles and responsibilities of various government departments and other institutions towards protection of EKWL in light of the fact that an appropriate authority has already been formed.

• Assessment of the wetland as a livelihood base.

• Suggesting a basket of tools and appropriate messages to be given to different stakeholders involved in the protection/conservation of EKWL.


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