Panki Katra

Panki Katra Project:

Polluted Places Initiative of CEE North undertook study of the fly-ash problem in Panki Katra Thermal Power Plant area in Kanpur. The project was supported by Blacksmith Institute, a US based foundation that supports pollution related small projects.

A consultation was held to discuss issues related to the problem and to seek guidance of experts and stakeholders in solving them. Participants in the consultation included representatives of MoEF and the Directorate of Environment; the India Polluted Places Coordinator, Blacksmith Institute; scientists from the Eco-toxicology and Environmental Science Divisions of NBRI; Zonal Officers from CPCB; the Chief Environment Officer of UPPCB; the Principal Research Scientist, FEAT, IIT Kanpur and the Secretary, Aadhar.

Project activities to demonstrate fly-ash remediation commenced soon after the consultation. Among the partners, CEE North is responsible for overall coordination, IIT is doing the lab analysis of fly-ash to determine heavy metals and elements present in it and accordingly finalise the bioremediation strategy to be adopted, and Aadhar is doing a health survey to assess the health status of people living around fly-ash dumps. CEE is liaising with concerned officials to procure land for demonstration of bioremediation near the power plant.


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