“Rebuilding Faith” – Towards rebuilding Uttarkashi

The rehabilitation programme ‘Rebuilding Faith' is being implemented by CEE Himalaya in Uttarkashi, in the districts of Bhatwari, Chinayalisaur and Dunda blocks, which were worst affected by the Himalayan tragedy. The programme, which is being implemented with support from JSW Foundation since July 2013, gives priority to community based disaster risk management.

Phase III (July 2014-March 2016) of ‘Rebuilding Faith' started with 50 schools and 15 villages covering 5,000 school children and 15,000 people respectively. With the training received, schools developed their ‘schools disaster management plans' (SDMP) and 5 villages put forth their own ‘village contingency plans' (VCP).

Various national and international events - World Environment Day, International Women's Day, World Wetlands Day, International Mountain Day and Earth Day - were also celebrated to raise awareness and motivate the communities to protect the biodiversity and environment of their region. Water, sanitation and hygiene practices also formed an integral part of the educational programme.

Through ‘Rebuilding Faith', CEE and JSW Foundation intend to make teaching-learning a joyful experience for both teachers as well as the students, and use them as mediums to promote environmental awareness, biodiversity conservation and sustainable mountain development. The programme also encourages skill development and livelihood enhancement of people.