The CEE South Regional office is the very first regional office started by CEE in 1988. The office was the first in the process of decentralising the activities and being able to cater to the needs in locale specific manner. The office is currently the largest regional office in terms of office staff and number of projects being undertaken. The regional office looks at the activities in states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar Island and the UT of Pondicherry.

Some of projects directly dealt by the regional office include:

Education for Children

  • National Green Corps (NGC)
  • Strengthening of Environment Education in School Systems (StrEESS)
  • Environment Education Programme in Schools (EEPS)
  • Nature Conservation Education Programme in School around Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve

Sustainable Rural Development

Water and Sanitation

  • WatSan Programme

Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation

  • Contingency plans preparation

Training, Networking and Capacity building

  • Green teacher programme
  • Development of a Resource book on EE for Secondary School Teachers
  • Analysis of school textbooks (Standards 1 to 8) for sanitation and Hygiene concepts
  • Education for Sustainable Development in Teacher Education
  • Teacher Education A Crucial Contribution to UNDESD


Regional Director:
Dr. Shailaja Ravindranath
Programme Director