The 4th International Conference on Environment Education was held from  from 24 to 28 November, 2007 at Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad, India. .CEE was the nodal and host agency The Conference was organized by Government of India with UNESCO and UNEP as co- sponsors.

  Presentations of Plenary  Sessions
Presentations and speeches given by the key speakers during the plenary sessions are accessible in pdf version.more....
  Working Group Sessions    T+30 4th ICEE Final Report

Thirty Working Group Sessions with different major themes were held during the conference. Recommendations were made by each of the groups through discussions during their respective sessions.
Click here for more details about the Working Group Sessions.

 A brief daily round up of happenings at the Conference

  Overall Recommendations
  Recommendations of the Government session

  Photo Gallery    Handprint
The photographs of the conference are available for viewing.more....   Handprint – action towards sustainability was launch during the conference. The concept of Handprint is to decrease human footprints by taking more actions towards Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).more....






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