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  Provide infrastructure, educational, communication, and experiential support for
developing village water supply, sanitation and hygine systerms
  Conservation of biodiversity has always been an objective of environment education. CEE has expertise in and has done a wide range of activities in this area. It coordinated the 'Education, Awareness and Training' Thematic Working Group of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. Several of its Ecodevelopment Programmes looked at biodiversity conservation as a major thrust. Through the Darwin Initiative, Environment Orientation to School Education (EOSE) scheme of MHRD, and the UNDP-GEF-Small Grants' Programme, CEE has also facilitated and networked with many grass-root NGOs working in the field of biodiversity conservation. There have been many school programmes, manuals and training programmes which had, and have, biodiversity as the focus area.  
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