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CEE’s Design Studio has full-fledged graphic, exhibit design and fabrication facilities with highly skilled and experienced staff. The technical facilities include:
  • Graphic Design Studio
  • Exhibit Design Studio / PAIE
  • Screen and Offset Printing
  • Workshop
  • Printing facilities
  The Design Studio has staff with expertise in EE research, writing, design, fabrication, installation and community education.  
The objective of the Design Studio is to create a work environment in which individuals can work with creative freedom and dignity while maintaining the high quality standards of the graphic design studio and the overall ‘house style’ of CEE. The centre has endeavoured to evolve its own unique work culture. The current pattern of work strives for:  
  • Technical quality and Standards are maintained by starting Quality Circles
  • Design quality - comments are invited
  • A design forum which meets once a quarter, comment and discuss the work of the studio
Meeting Deadlines
  • All jobs have a deadline and key milestones are decided
Creative freedom
  • The system envisages a large amount of creative freedom keeping in mind CEE's style and quality standards
Design Studio