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  • Divya Bhaskar, 15 July, 2010 School teachers from America visiting CEE
    A group of teachers from the US who have come to study and understand educational systems in India and also learn more about the country throught cultural and historical visits. As a part of their educational tour they visited CEE to know more about CEE's activities and its various apporach towards spreading environment Education.
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  • The Hindu, 18 March 2009
    Tough steps will be taken by the district administration against the medical institutions not disposing of biomedical waste scientifically.
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  • Ahmedabad Mirror, 1 March 2009
    Climate Change is just one of the many consequences of our lifestyles and ecological footprint, but unlike many other consequences, this one is likely to hit back at our existence in ways that we have not seen before.
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  • The Times of India, 1 March 2009
    Chief Minister Narendra Modi recently formed a new department of climate change. This demonstrates both foresight and courage on part of the government, and the CM needs to be congratulated for this bold measure.
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