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Guided the development of a framework for a multi-stakeholder involvement in containment and mitigation of impacts of hazardous industrial wastes, in association with CII, Kerala (on invitation from the latter) as a proactive initiative to complement judicial intervention targeting industries on compliance with the Hazardous Wastes Management Rules. (September –October 2004)
Language versioning of 6 films in Malayalam
  • Tell Tale Signs
  • Net Profits
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Dam Dam Dam
  • Pumping Pressure
  • Listen to Children
> Traveling film festival at Ernakulam, Manantawadi and Ellumannum
> Workshop to translate and adapt the PLANET 3 package on waste management in Malayalam.
> Production of the Malayalam version of PLANET 3 package.
> 10 short videos on environment friendly technology alternatives adapted into Malayalam as part of TVE-Hands On initiative.
> Adapted and Developed Endangered Asian Elephant Manual in Malayalam
> Schools Programmes on conservation of Asian Elephants, Medicinal plants and Water resources was implemented in Kerala. Under these programmes
  • Four workshops for teachers
  • 73 teachers were trained (33 teachers were trained on conservation of Asian elephant and Water, 40 teachers were trained Medicinal plants and Environment)
  • 73 schools were covered
  • In total, about 3650 students were covered
  • Districts covered: Idukki, Palakkad, Kottayam
> Conservation Education Package for schools on Medicinal Plants and Environment was developed by NGO Centre Indian Medical Heritage with the help from CEE
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