CEE has developed and produced over 450 educational resources for a variety of target groups, and in more than 20 languages. They range from information and activity manuals and reference material for educators and learners, to reports for national and international agencies. The publications are prepared after extensive research, discussions with experts, peer and expert reviews, as well as field tests, to establish their validity and effectiveness. Rather than spending talent and resources to reinvent the wheel, many of CEE publications take tried and tested material from around the world/country and adapt these to suit local conditions. They are, in turn, designed to permit suitable adaptation for use across the country and abroad.
The material is disseminated through education and awareness programmes, workshops, meetings, and also through EDUTECH, the educational products division of CEE.
The environmental education publications brought out by CEE can be broadly classified as
  • For those involved in Children's Education
  • For those involved in College Education
  • Manuals for Environmental Quality Monitoring
  • For Educators and Curriculum Developers
  • Exhibition Packages
  • Posters
  • Display Materials for Schools, Interesting Gifts for Children
  • Visual Support Material
  • For Young Environmentalists, School Libraries, Eco-clubs
  • Products and Gifts for Those Who Care About the Environment
  • Environmental Board Games
  • For Bird Watchers
  • For Wildlife Enthusiasts
  • For Those Interested in the Environment
  • For Decision Makers
  • For Those involved in Field Work and Action Projects
  • References
  • Directories and Bibliographies
  • Special Items
CEE brings out more than a dozen newsletters to spread awareness on environmental and sustainable development issues among a wide cross-section of people.
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CEE is one of the Video Resource Centres identified by the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), as a partner organisation to ensure a wider reach of good video programmes. TVE is an international organization that acts as a bridge between non-broadcast and broadcast agencies. The video programmes can be either borrowed for viewing or bought from CEE.
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Centre for Environment Education – Information Service Centre (ISC)
CEE’s Information Service Centre (ISC) has been established with a view to select, collect, organize, preserve, retrieve and disseminate information on Environmental Education (EE), Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and related areas to cater to the information needs of environmental educators, decision makers, researchers and the general public. 
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Design Studio
  • Graphic Design Studio
  • Exhibit Design Studio
  • Workshop
  • Printing facilities
  • For Educators and Curriculum Developers
The Design Studio also has staff with expertise in EE research, writing, design, fabrication, installation and community education.
Design Studio