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  Provide infrastructure, educational, communication, and experiential support for developing village water supply, sanitation and hygine systerms.  
  CEE has been involved in the water conservation and sanitation sector since 1986 when it developed a communication strategy and package on fluorosis control as part of the National Technology Mission on Drinking Water.

CEE's focus has been to initiate community participation in planning, monitoring, constructing, operating and maintaining; in financial management; in community-government interface; and in conflict management of their water systems and water resource management structures. This model underscores the importance of community members operating in a systematic manner to benefit from projects.

CEE also recognises the importance of awareness generation about water care, sanitation and hygiene, and uses innovative approaches and activities that target essentially the women and children.


Some Major Programmes:

  • Jalsankalp
  • Bijapur Micro-Watershed Project
  • South Asia Focal Point for WASH
  • Health and Sanitation Awareness and Training Programmes
  • Jalapareekshana
  Some Other Programmes:  
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