Ozone Day Celebrations

CEE North
CEE North organized Ozone day programmes at two schools of Lucknow with the objective to involve students in understanding the phenomenon and
to help them plan ways to protect the ozone layer. Around 250 students of classes 8 to 12 were part of the programme.The schools are part of the network of schools of National Green Corps. In both the schools, Principal and all teachers were part of the programme.

An interactive session was organized by CEE North using UNEP film during the ozone day programme organized by Directorate of Environment, Governmnet of Uttar Pradesh

The event started with a screening of “Ozzy Ozone” a short animated film developed by UNEP. This was followed by a discussion on the issue of depletion. The students worked in groups to develop a poster presentation on various aspects of the ozone layer depletion and the ways to prevent it. Each group worked on the given theme for forty five minutes and later presented their ideas to the group. In both the schools, the principal and all teachers were part of the programme.

CEE Madhya Pradesh
Ozone Day was also observed by CEE Madhya Pradesh which collaborated with Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization in organising a programme for over 150 students from four government schools. There was active participation in lectures, quiz and debate competitions on the theme.

Greening Rajasthan

CEE Jaipur is the context partner for the Environment conservation campaign launched by the Government of Rajasthan as a part of Harit Rajasthan Programme. Times of India group in association with Government of Rajasthan, & Jaipur Development Authority is organizing several activities around environment conservation across 25 schools in Jaipur city.

CEE Jaipur conducted Intra school competition among 10 schools in Jaipur city.

CEE has been facilitating a variety of environment education and conservation activities (Debate, Quiz, Poster Making, Essay Writing, Environmental Modals and Pledge for conservation of environment) across 10 schools in Jaipur. The activity is divided into two parts - Intra school competition and Inter school competition.

Capacity Building for Sustainable livelihood

Mr. Hem Pande, GEF Chair for UNDP GEF Small Grants Program (SGP) and Joint Secretary, Government of India, along with National Coordinator SGP, attended a training program organised by Energy Research Application (ERA). ERA is an SGP Partner engaged in promoting smokeless fuel saving stoves from waste biomass to reduce carbon emission for better livelihood in remote tribal areas.

Mr. Pande, interacting with 12 SGP NGO partners on the project, was happy that SGP through the partner ERA is promoting low cost, community based
energy cake making technologies through SHGs. He added that this was a great opportunity for all the NGO partners to see and learn the production, marketing and other related issues of sustainability, to develope these cakes as an efficient fuel, and to consider their production in villages to bring more enterprise based systems in SGP.

UNDP and MoEF jointly administer SGP in India , and CEE is the National Host Institution (NHI) since 2000, supporting a wide variety of innovative institutional approaches in the country.

Hands-on Learning

Sampling an urban forest
As part of CEE's Information Facilitation Centre (IFC) field visit package, the students of standard 12 of Mahatma Gandhi International School visited an urban forest in Manekbaugh Society of Ahmedabad.

Once a barren land, the area of 8,500 sq m is now an urban forest with the determined efforts of CEE under the Ahmedabad Green Partnership programme of Ahmedabad Municipal
Corporation. Students carried out a study of plant population using random quadrat Method. The quadrats were laid at different spots, in shade and in full sun exposure. Along with plant identification, parameters like frequency percentage, density and abundance for each species were calculated, to get an idea of distribution of herbaceous flora in the area. Students found it interesting to observe the differences in distribution of the plant species in
different light and soil conditions within the same area. Moreover, they also learnt about
determining overall diversity of vegetation.

A day with the Potter
As a part of the Sustainable School Programme, Euro Kids Pre-schoolers visited a potter's place in Vastrapur village in Ahmedabad. The children were shown how different types of soil are mixed together to make the mixture which is used to make pots. The process of getting dry mud in various forms and mixing and binding them with fodder etc. was demonstrated. The little ones had hands-on experience, each one making diyas (clay lamps) on the potter's wheel. Children were curious to know how the potter could mould so well on the wheel.

“We have kind of cut our children from their surroundings, as we try to be overprotective and
in the process alienate them from the simple joys of life such as playing with mud, water etc.”, commented one of the teachers who shared her students' enjoyment of the pottery experience.
Shaili Pant and Priya Nair of CEE facilitated the visit.

Home Managers Tackle Waste

As part of an ongoing Knowledge and Information Centre project on Solid Waste Management, WaRM (Waste and Resource Mangement) East organized a half day orientation programme for housewives at the Biju Pattnaik Energy Park, Bhubaneswar. The programme emphasized on source segregation of waste, and oriented housewives on lifestyles changes to reduce generation of waste. Group activities on “waste to wealth” were also organized, in which the housewives actively participated. The programme was well received and there was a request for follow up programmes, including one to train the sweepers of the colony to help them in implementing the programme.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day was observed by CEE Kannur, jointly with Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (SPCA) Kannur.

A district level quiz competition for high school children, and a seminar on rabies were conducted. 15 schools participated and Dr.P.V.Mohanan, senior project officer, CEE facilitated the event. SPCA president, Adv. Balaram, presided over the function.