The Conference will provide a vibrant platform for research institutions, NGOs, universities, companies to exhibit their work, publications, products and services. We are expecting delegates from over 100 countries out of which delegates from 70 countries have already confirmed. By participating in the exhibition, your organization will get the opportunity to introduce, showcase, promote, and popularize, to the world, offerings, services and products.

Type of Exhibitions

Participants can showcase their work through following ways

1. Space for Knowledge Partner

Being a knowledge partner, they can display their work and publication at designated space.

2. Space for Poster Presentation

If any participant is willing to present his/her paper through posters or charts, they will be provided a panel of 4’X 3’ size on which they can display and present their work.

3. Put up a Stall

There will be separate space available for institutions, organizations who want to put up a stall and exhibit their work, products and services. The exhibition will be open for 3 days (September 16 to September 18, 2016) coinciding with the days of the Conference.

The exhibition centre floor area will be accessible to all the registered conference attendees, and the exhibition layout will facilitate maximum footfalls of conference attendees at the exhibition. Stalls with required facilities will be made available. There are a limited number of booths, hence, we request you to avail the opportunity and book the stalls at the earliest