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 Conference Papers

In order to view these files, you will need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ Although no papers were read out at the Conference, several participants submitted papers that examine Education for Sustainable Development through a range of perspectives:

  1. A Challenge for Low Literate Communities – Sabiha S. Daudi
  2. A Community Based Eco Entrepreneurship Initiative towards Education for Sustainable Development: A Case from Gujarat, India – K. Mohan Krishna, Savalia Ramesh, Rathod Suman
  3. A Paradigm Shift in EE – Arundhati Vishvasrao
  4. A Study of Existing Perceptions/ Understanding of Education for Sustainable Development of Indian Teachers – Anuradha Gupta
  5. Acting Together as Networking NGOs and Individuals towards UNDESD – Miho Nakashima
  6. An Integrated Policy Framework for minimizing industrial wastes at-source – R. Gopichandran, Praveen Prakash, Jigar Deliwala, Shalin Shah & Shaliesh Patwari
  7. An alternative model in Coorg – Shyamala Mani
  8. Biodiversity Education for Indigenous Communities – Ishwar C. Poojar
  9. Biodiversity Training through Conservation and Sustainable Use – S. Olaganathan, M. P. Bala, Utkash Ghate
  10. Communicating ESD with Less Articulate and Underprivileged Communities – Shailesh R. Shukla
  11. Communication and Education for Biodiversity Conservation in the Formal Sector: A Sri Lankan Experience – Deepthi Wickramasinghe
  12. Community Based Environmental Education for Sustainable Development: The Case of
    – Masudul Hoq Chowdhury
  13. Development of a Course in Environmental Education for Would-be Teachers – Hemlata Parasnis and Jayashree Bahulikar
  14. Disseminating Wildlife Awareness to Reduce Human-Animal Conflict – Ambika Aiyadurai, Surendra Varma and Vivek Menon
  15. Education and Communication For Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal – Neelima Shrestha
  16. Education for Waste Management in Bangladesh – Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty and A. Atiq Rahman
  17. Empowering Self-Help Groups to Address Gender Inequity – Rashmi Gangwar
  18. Engagement before Education: Reaching Out to the Youth – Arthur Orsini
  19. Entrepreneurial Education for a Sustainable Future – Mugdha Shah and Jignyasa
  20. Environmental Education in Malaysia and Japan: A Comparative Assessment – Susan Pudin, Koji Tagi and Ambigavathi Periasamy
  21. Environmental Education in Secondary Vocational Education: A Comparison of Five Asian Counties – Neelima Jerath
  22. Experimenting with Socially Critical EE for Community-based Medicinal Plant Conservation - Shaliesh R. Shukla
  23. Higher Education and Sustainable Development in Mexico's Universities – Shafia Sucar
  24. Information and Communication Strategies for Education – Sanjay Joshi
  25. Learning For Sustainable Living in Kenya – Eric M. S. Deche
  26. Learning a Second Language Through and with the Earth Charter – Marilise Doege Esteves Stelato
  27. Learning for Sustainable Living: An ESD Resource for Schools Developed by BirdLife International – Barrie Cooper
  28. Making every village a knowledge centre – Amrita Singh
  29. Multidisciplinary education and research in science, technology and engineering to underpin environmentally sustainable development – Robin W. King
  30. National Parks and Education for a Sustainable Future – Luiza Klein Alonso and Elaine Ignácio
  31. Participatory Approaches To The Training And Education Of ESD Educators – Kakuta Naoko
  32. Present Status and Future Possibilities for infusion of biodiversity Conservation Issues into School and College Curricula in India – Erach Bharucha
  33. Proposal for a University Theme of “Sustainable Development” - Joseph C. Loon
  34. Steering Permaculture for Re-generative Action - Bert Peeters
  35. Sustainability, Systems Thinking and Professional Practice – Stephen Martin
  36. Sustainable Agriculture: Critical Challenges Facing the Structure and Function of
    Agricultural Research and Education in India
    – NH Rao
  37. Sustainable Development and Cooperative Learning in the Formal Education System in India – Lalita Agashe
  38. Sustainable Development through Techno-preneurship – Dipak Tatpuje
  39. Sustainable Scale In Environmental Education – Jack Santa-Barbara, Brian Czech, Herman E Daly, Josh Farley and Deepak Malghan
  40. Team Teaching and Teacher Training – Birthe Zimmermann
  41. The Current Situation In The Training Of Mathematics And Science Teachers In Africa – George Ndzi Ngala
  42. The Decentralized Path to Urban Renewal – Shyamala Mani, Anil Kumar, Amit Sardana, Abhijit Ray
  43. The House Content and Performance Label – Daniel Serhal
  44. The Scope and Target of Education for Sustainable Development – Prabha Panth
  45. Towards Developing an Education for Sustainable Development Strategy for Kenya: Experiences and Perspectives – Dorcas Otieno
  46. Training Mid-Career Professionals in Education for Environment and Sustainability – Frida Lindemalm
  47. Understanding Urban Wildlife with Observation and Documentation Method – Kartikeya Sarabhai and E. K. Nareshwar
  48. Using ICT to place Indigenous Knowledge Systems at the heart of ESD – Arvind Ranganathan
  49. From charmers to educators: Using indigenous knowledge for conservation education – Bahar Dutt, Rachel Kaleta, Vikram Hoshing
  50. Village Assembly (Goth Kath) in Sindh, Pakistan – Ali Ahmed Jan
  51. Water Management and Education – Mariam Ubilava
  52. Whole School Approaches To ESD Through the SEEPS Project – Tony Shallcross
  53. Youth Representatives as Multipliers of ESD – Monique Pool
  54. Zoo Education and Interpretation: Opportunities and Challenges – Meena Raghunathan and Meena Nareshwar


This conference has been undertaken with part financial support of the
Government of Canada provided through the Canadian International Development
Agency (CIDA)