Aanandshala Anandshala Waghodia project aims to facilitate the development of model sustainable schools in the districts of Dangs, Valsad and Vadodara through:

□ local capacity building to improve the quality of education

□  provision of support in terms of financial and technical resources

□  participatory visioning exercises to improve the existing infrastructure of the schools

The schools will be ‘ideal’ in terms of: 

□  Education, through interventions in the school that would help teachers upgrade the quality of education

□  Involvement of the schools and communities in planning and implementation of the physical infrastructure and its upkeep

□   Physical infrastructure, e.g., drinking water and sanitation arrangements, rainwater harvesting, greening, use of solar energy devices, etc. 

Project Objectives: 

□  To initiate a process towards upgrading the quality of teaching-learning environment

□  To develop a methodology for sustaining and replicating the Anandshala (AS) model in other schools/districts of Gujarat.

□   To involve village communities, line department of the state government, and other allied institutions and individuals to facilitate a better quality of education, internalize and sustain this within the schools on a long-term basis.

□   To improve the existing school infrastructure facility to demonstrate a model of ideal school.

□   To evaluate the project process and develop an AS strategic document for wider dissemination of the AS concept.

CEE will take forward the Anandshala Waghodia project in association with UNICEF, VIKSAT, DPE, GCERT, DPEO and DIET.

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