Climate Change: Policy response, Youth led-actions and Resilience building with a focus on COVID-19

Who can Join: Students pursuing environmental science/ climate change/ sustainable development, young professionals from the environment and related fields, and anyone with an interest and enthusiasm for learning about climate change and the environment.

Start Date: 27.01.2022

Duration: 27 January-2 February 2022 (Sunday off)

Time per Session: 90 minutes, with timings from 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Fees: INR 2400/- (inclusive of taxes),

For Foreign Nationals: 80 USD (inclusive of taxes)

Course Agenda

Learning Outcomes

The participants on completing the course would be able to:

  • Learn about the climate crisis, the global response, and how individuals can mitigate the challenge.
  • Strengthen participants’ theoretical understanding of the global climate emergency and its linkages with SDGs and COVID-19 and how sectors can become climate-resilient.
  • Enable participants to tackle climate vulnerabilities, address risks and build resilience in different sectors of their respective fields of work.
  • Take lead in initiating individual youth-led handprint actions for a climate-resilient world.
  • Promote local community actions through encouraging friends, family, school/college, etc.

Course Description

As the former president of the US Barack Obama once stated, “We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” We are in a state of a global climate crisis. The pandemic has further accelerated the state of emergency, and we are in dire need of climate action.

This course will facilitate the youth in initiating climate actions for a climate-resilient world. The sessions would help you understand the climate crisis, the global response, and empower participants with mitigation strategies to face the challenge. Experts working in different settings will introduce you to climate policies, help you understand the global climate emergency and its linkages with sustainable development goals and COVID-19. This course would enable you to address risks and build resilience in different sectors of your field of work. The interactive sessions would help the youth engage in various discussions revolving around climate change and sustainable development, and introduce them to novel ideas, platforms and provide insights for the establishment of green jobs and sustainable enterprises.

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Course Outline

  • Climate Change and Sustainable development goals (SDGs) with focus on Covid19 crisis
    In the first session you’ll learn about Climate change- its causes and impacts as well linkages between global environment and challenges with a focus on solutions and learnings Covid19.
  • Climate Change and Policies
    From here on, each session will focus on answering certain questions. 
    For this session- what are the various climate policies across the globe? What are the international treaties and what is the role of UNFCCC? What are the National Climate Policies and State Action Plan on Climate Change?
  • Climate change, Resilience building, and Health in times of Pandemic
    What is Climate Resilience? What are the impacts of climate change and what measures could be adopted to build a climate-resilient society? What are the health effects of climate change especially in times of pandemic OR How does climate change affect health especially in times of pandemic? Is this only the beginning?
  • Climate Change and Youth
    How is Youth one of the most important stakeholders in the climate crisis? How can YOU contribute to climate action through policy, implementation, and community resilience? 
  • Climate proofing your future
    How important is effective climate change education and how can you make your future climate-proof? What are the green jobs and career opportunities?
  • Accelerating Climate action
    The concluding sessions would revolve around questions like- How can we accelerate climate action through youth participation? How can climate change- mitigation and adaptation foster corona recovery and how does this play into decision making?

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