Interpretation at CEE

Early introduction of international quality standards through collaborating with US Fish and Wildlife Service CEE has the ability to deliver projects with diverse themes, scope and size in all regional languages.

The Rationale

• Protected Areas and heritage sites attract large numbers of people throughout the year presenting an excellent opportunity for public education
• In-situ conservation education
• Highly effective in communicating environmental messages
• Engages and informs a receptive audience
• Demonstrates the need for an integrated approach to conservation
• Creates emotional connections to nature and the environment
• Encourages ecologically sustainable tourism

Interpretation Packages Include:

• Photo-text panels
• Dioramas
• Life-size and lifelike models
• Wayside and directional signage
• Interactives and Augmented Reality
• Audio-visuals and publications

CEE Studio

Recognizing interpretation as being critical to all its education and communication work, CEE established specialized infrastructure, a skilled team and facilities that take the project all the way from initial concept to final installation on site.

• Research, writing/editing, translation of content
• Graphic Design
• Exhibit Design
• Screen Printing
• Workshop


• Weather proof outdoor signage
• Photo-text panels
• Table-top and life-size dioramas
• Life-size models
• Paintings and Illustrations
• Metal and Artwork
• Augmented reality
• Books, Posters, Flip charts, Brochures
• Films
• Souvenirs

Glimpses of Interpretation

Over 60 Interpretation Projects across India

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