Support activities which demonstrate community-based, innovative, gender sensitive and sustainable approaches.

CEE has been working in the field of EE and ESD for the past twenty years. To ensure that this rich experience benefits other non-government and community organizations and initiatives, CEE has undertaken a number of programmes. These focus on information sharing, capacity building, monitoring, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of programmes and projects.

Some Major Programmes

Darwin Initiative

In 997, CEE launched a three-year programme for training and information support to NGOs and local communities to participate in conserving India's biodiversity. This was a collaborative project with Field Studies Council (FSC), UK, and supported by the Department of Environment, Govt. of UK, under the Darwin Initiative. A comprehensive training package, seeking to bring locale-specificity to Darwin projects, was developed and field-tested. NGOs were trained according to their needs, helped to develop projects, and financially and technically supported to implement them. Following this pilot, the initiative was extended to 60 projects, covering a range of subjects – from training and education to conservation action – in different parts of the country in partnership with local NGOs. CEE's regional cells translated and adapted the material developed to local contexts.

Major Programmes