• EE activities in around 1000 schools through NEEPS clusters, with focusing on Asian Elephant Conservation in 200 schools

  • Supported 5 NGOs to complete 6 EOSE projects in the state.

  • At present, NGC is covering 27 districts (23 old and 4 new districts) of the state, 2213 eco-clubs formed, 25 Master Trainers trained and 963 In-charge Teachers were identified for running the activities of the eco-clubs.

  • Trans-ad of Biomedical waste Management education materials in Assamese and survey of Biomedical Waste Management systems in the state

  • Organized 5 training programmes for NGOs and other stakeholders for various issues under the TALEEM programme.

  • Organized Regional Consultation Workshop for WSSD at Guwahati for NE region

  • Participation from more than 1500 schools for the WSSD school competitions

  • 3 ongoing SGP projects related to biodiversity conservation, land management and restoration of wetland are underway. 4 SGP projects are completed and all were related to Biodiversity conservation.

  • Several Darwin projects on biodiversity conservation completed.

  • Facilitating EESS in 100 schools of the State, particularly in the development of green text books, teachers training and in mainstreaming.

  • Development of EE resource materials including 3 Assamese, 5 Boro, 1 Nepali and 1 English publication and one audio cassette in Boro.

  • Trans-ad of elephant manual “NatureScope India- Endangered Elephant” in Assamese, Nepali and Garo.

  • Regional Workshop on Biomedical Waste Management

  • MoEF supported GLOBE Teacher Training workshops under EESS Assam.

  • USFWS supported Rhino and Tiger (R&T) Conservation Education programme implementation in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

  • Project in pipeline. Save The Tiger Fund (STF) Project “Tiger Conservation through Integrated Conservation and Development Intervention”, a one-year project supported by ‘Save the Tiger Fund’ a special project of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in partnership with Exxon Mobil and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. The project has been recently approved (February 2005) by The Save The Tiger Council.

  • Endogenous Tourism Project (ETF) Implementation in collaboration with District Administration in Assam

  • Community Forestry International (CFI) Project implementation in two sites in Meghalaya.

  • Organized Regional Workshop on Science for Everyone initiating a Science Channel for India in collaboration with Development and Educational Communication Unit, Indian Space Research Organization.


Mr. Simanta Kalita,

Programme Coordinator,

Email: [email protected]