“Road crashes kill more people than Malaria.”

Source : Ten Strategies For Keeping Children Safe On The Road

Safer Roads for Safer Childhood (SRSC) is a project being implemented since June 2018 in Jorhat city of Assam, India to enhance road safety for children, especially focussing on 6 pilot schools. The project is being implemented by a consortium of Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) and Department of Home and Political Affairs, Govt. of Assam (through Jorhat Police). The project is guided by Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) and funded by Fondation Botnar.

About Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge

The Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge is a project of the Fondation Botnar, a philanthropic foundation in Switzerland. The Challenge is designed to address locally relevant road safety problems that affect children in small and mid-sized cities in seven priority countries with practical, innovative and evidence-based interventions. The Challenge is managed by the GRSP, a hosted programme of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The project consortium had participated in the Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge (BCRSC) in 2018 and won the global challenge to work for the improvement of child road safety in Jorhat City under the guidance of GRSP.

About the Project Area

Jorhat is the mid-size city in Assam, India with a population about 2.5 lakhs. It is the current administrative headquarter of Jorhat district. The national Highway-37 and the railway track runs through the city. Gar Ali, Na Ali and K.B. road are the main arterial roads. Numerous sub arterial, collector and local roads network the city. Being the administrative and business capital of the district, roads in the city are always busy.

Aims and Objectives

The overall purpose of the project is to enhance road safety for citizens of Jorhat in general and for children in particular, especially around the school zones and in the route from home to school.

The project targets to achieve:

Objective 1

To conduct a situational assessment of road safety in Jorhat city with focus on child road safety.

Objective 2

To develop and implement school road safety plans for six schools in Jorhat city to reduce injuries to children commuting to and from schools.

Objective 3

To develop Jorhat city child road safety policy recommendations (mainly regarding establishment of schools and school transport).

About the Implementors

CEE North East

The CEE North-East Regional office was initiated in 1993. The regional office looks at the activities in states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. More …

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IITG)

IIT Guwahati, a premier Technical Higher Education institution in India has been continuously doing credible research in the areas of road safety, traffic flow modelling, drivers’ behaviour, road safety audit, road crash analysis etc.More …

Information About Schools

Jorhat Model Composite School

  • Establishment year- 2012
  • Administration- Government
  • Location-Maniram Dewan Path, Jorhat
  • Ward no.-8
  • Number of Teachers-26
  • Number of Students- 350
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. Purobi Bora Saikia

Jorhat High Madrassa

  • Establishment year-1975
  • Administration- Government
  • Location- Near Head Post Office ,Jorhat
  • Ward no.-10
  • Number of Teachers-10
  • Number of Students- 216
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. Asfi Ara Begum

National Telegraph Girls´High School

  • Establishment year-1972
  • Administration- Government
  • Location- Near Head Post Office ,Jorhat
  • Ward no.-10
  • Number of Teachers-11
  • Number of Students- 147
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. Rijumoni Kalita

Lakshmi Union High School

  • Establishment year-1948
  • Administration- Government
  • Location- Thana road,Jorhat
  • Ward no.-8
  • Number of Teachers-26
  • Number of Students- 219
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. Uma Chakraborty

Balya Bhavan High School

  • Establishment year-1950
  • Administration- Government
  • Location- K.K.Handique path
  • Ward no.-10
  • Number of Teachers-23
  • Number of Students- 279
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. Jonali Bora

Royal Oak High School

  • Establishment year-1991
  • Administration- Government
  • Location- DCB Road, Tarajan, Jorhat
  • Ward no.-10
  • Number of Teachers-40
  • Number of Students- 750
  • Name of Head Teacher-Ms. M. Bedi

SRSC Activities

Preliminary Assessment survey

  • Preliminary Assessment survey of 54 schools done under the Jorhat Municipality area. Based on the risk assessments, six project schools have been selected for interventions.

Meetings with project stakeholders

  • Meetings with project stakeholders including Deputy commissioner, Police, Municipality, Public Health Department, District Transport Office, Education Department. Project Advisory Committee meeting held.

Teacher’s training workshop

  • A one day Teacher’s training workshop was conducted with two teachers each from six project Schools.

Orientation of Road Safety Friends (RSF)

  • Road Safety Friends (RSF) are a group of students from each project school involved in disseminating the road safety messages in school and creating awareness among parents.

School Road Safety Plans (SRSP)

  • All schools have developed their School Road Safety Plans (SRSP) facilitated by CEE.

Activities by Students

  • like wall painting, morning assembly talks.

Upcoming Activities

  • Infrastructure Interventions: The project is in the process of a Memorandum of Association (MoA) with Public Works Department, Jorhat for developing child friendly infrastructure.

  • Multi-stakeholder meeting: involving all stakeholders of Jorhat city


Road Techies - A challenge for designing safer roads for children


Project Brochure

Teacher’s Handbook

Module on School Road Safety Plan

Road Safety Champion Ludo (English)

Road Safety Champion Ludo (Assamese)

Road Signs

Poster (English)

Poster (Assamese)


Dr. Simanta Kalita
Programme Director
CEE North East

E-mail [email protected]
phone : 0361-2667382