As part of UN PSEA protocol, CEE has endorsed and adopted the enclosed PSEA policy (Annexure A) with immediate effect to promulgate a policy of zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) for all CEE employees and related personnel and ensure that roles, responsibilities and expected standards of conduct in relation to SEA are known within CEE. The PSEA policy aims to ensure to create and maintain a safe environment, free from SEA, by taking appropriate measures for this purpose, internally and in the communities where CEE operates, through robust prevention and response work.

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PSEA Committee

As part of the PSEA policy, following Internal Committee (IC) is constituted for a period of 3 years.

Ms Preeti Rawat  Presiding Officer and Chairperson  [email protected]
Ms Reema Banerjee Co-Chair  [email protected]
Dr. Sanskriti Menon Members [email protected]
Mr Sureshbabu  Members [email protected]
Mr Suman Rathod Members  [email protected]
Ms Rejini Simpson Members  [email protected]
Ms Archana Panicker Members [email protected]
Ms Kavita Ramnani  Convener [email protected]

PSEA Focal Points

Following are the CEE Focal Points for 2024 and 2025 for PSEA complaints, if any. The default focal point shall be the Officer in-charge holding that position for any CEE Office.

Name Designation Email Mobile Number Address
Dr Sanskriti Menon Sr Programme Director [email protected] 9822455250 CEE Central / CEE Pune
Ms Preeti Rawat Sr Programme Director [email protected] 9839014217 CEE North, Lucknow
Mr Prabhjot Sodhi  Sr Programme Director [email protected] 9811811996 CEE Delhi
Ms Gurpreet Kaur Consultant, Solid Waste Management [email protected] 9717116868 CEE Delhi (Noida and Greater Noida)
Ms Rejini Simpson Programme Director [email protected] 9003240690 CEE South
Ms Reema Banerjee Programme Director [email protected] 9748032777 CEE East
Mr Suman Rathod Programme Director [email protected] 9427410718 CEE Ahmedabad
Ms Archana Panicker Programme Director [email protected] 9825600918 CEE Ahmedabad
Ms Kavita Ramnani Officer, Legal and Secretarial NFD [email protected] 9925000311 CEE Ahmedabad

PSEA Focal Points must always:

  1. Work with others to create a safe environment where staff and others feel able to raise concerns without fear of retribution.
  2. Ensure that this policy is displayed at prominent places within the office, as well as online, and to make it accessible to all members of staff.
  3. Ensure that all inductions include a discussion of this policy.
  4. Deliver training to all staff on this policy and other policies that fall within the SEA and other Safeguarding concerns remit.
  5. Work with others to ensure that the values, commitments, and procedures set forth in this policy are embedded throughout all CEE’s programmes and activities, and those of our partners.
  6. Ensure that they raise all concerns and complaints relating to SEA and Safeguarding to the IC.

Role of the PSEA Focal Point

  1. The PSEA Focal Point Person must fill in the standard complaint form as the complaint will be coming in from the community. This is in tandem with survivor centric approaches.
  2. While receiving a complaint, the focal point must, as much as possible, fill in the standard complaint form attached at the end of this policy. Basic information such as who the complainant is and what they allege (what happened), details of the respondent, region, name and details of witnesses (if any) and any other document of evidence, how the complainant can be contacted again, needs to be collected by the focal points.
  3. Based on this first complaint assessment, the focal point must inform the Safeguarding Committee of the detailed complaint, within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. In case the complaint is against any member of the Safeguarding Committee, it can be reported to the Director CEE, any complaints against the Director can directly be reported to the Governing Council.