14-15 November

The Conference on skilling, capacity building and Education for a Circular Economy (CE) on November 14-15, at CEE Ahmedabad. The conference will be spread over 2 days will have workshops corresponding to different thematic areas. Plenary sessions planned during the conference will set the tone and pace for the more focused discussions and interactions in the workshops.

It will be in collaboration with the Circular Economy Australia Association (CEAA), Environment Management Centre (EMC) and Innovative Thought Forum (ITF). The Conference aims at bringing together global as well as national experience and expertise to highlight and strengthen the role of CE in realizing Sustainable Development in different sectors of production.

The conference discussion will focus on the following areas :

  • Water and wastewater,
  • Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste,
  • Energy,
  • E-waste and Bio-Medical Waste,
  • Plastic waste

Suggested fee structure from participants

Price :