Global Centre on Adaptation, Netherlands, Centre for Environment Education, India and Foundation for Environmental Education, Denmark are announcing this call for case-studies from schools across globe, highlighting climate adaption and resilience projects designed and implemented by students on their school campus and/or in the neighboring community.

Identified case studies would be published as a knowledge product to amplify concrete climate adaptation actions designed and implemented in different countries across the world.

We are inviting summary on your climate adaptation project in not more than 100 words latest by 27th of September 2021. Case studies identified based on the summary would further be asked to send details of the project including geographical areas, details of risk and interventions made, role of students and community, impact data and photographs. Based on detail submissions finally, we intend to select 15 case studies for inclusion into the publication.

Format for Project Summary 

  1. Name of the school
  2. City and Country
  3. Website (if available)
  4. Name and email address and phone number of the Contributor / Contact person for the call
  5. Summary of the project (word limit – 100 words):
    The kind of projects we are looking for need to specifically highlight initiatives designed and implemented by school students that helps in enhancing children and/or community’s resilience towards climate change and reduce their climate vulnerability. The implemented projects could focus on aspects helping communities address climate induced risks such as water scarcity, heat stress, water borne diseases, food security, extreme events, loss of agriculture produce, salinity, sea level rise, loss of biodiversity etc. It should clearly describe
    1. Climate Risk school/students were trying to address
    2. Showcase what solution school applied such as modern or local technologies, practices or knowledge etc. to reduce the identified climate risk they or their neighboring community is facing
    3. What potential impact the implemented project created.
  6. Social Media page of the project if any
  7. Submissions to be made to [email protected] with subject line as Nomination for Case Studies on School-led Adaptation Projects

Important Dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: 27th September 2021

Notifying selected cases studies: 30th September, 2021

Full case study and high resolution photographs for selected cases: 6th October 2021