The Green Teacher Programme is founded on the premise that the environment concerns all teachers, not just science teachers. Hence, the online programme has been designed for teachers of all subject areas including the subject of environment. The Green Teacher offers teachers/learners an opportunity to empower themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills for the effective transaction of concepts in the environment and sustainable development in the classroom. The Green Teacher is open for teachers and other professionals dealing with education and communication for environment and development in a formal teaching-learning setup.

Course 1: Green Teacher – One-Year Diploma

It’s a diploma course curated by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Vancouver, Canada for teachers, teacher educators and professionals. The diploma is now offered online through CEE Academy, which aims to empower educators with the requisite knowledge and skills for effective transaction of concepts in environmment and sustainability education.

Start date: December 2021

Language: English and Hindi

Duration: Overall 9 online sessions (2 hours each), self-study, assignments, course project, final report and year-end exam (approx 300 hrs for the complete course.)


For Indian National - INR 15000/- Incl. GST

For NRI -  USD 650/- Incl. GST

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Course Content

  1. Science of environment, the concept of sustainable development and related issues
  2. EE: theory, approaches and methods
  3. Teaching-learning methods to use textbooks ‘environmentally’
  4. Utilizing interactive & experiential teaching-learning methodologies
  5. Developing locale & situation-specific EE projects, activities, materials, etc. to suit requirements.

Course Plan

  1. First Online Workshop: Introducing theory of EE through 6 sessions of 2 hours each spread over 6 days. (in December). Learners will be introduced to four learning modules and assignments.
  2. Self Study: After the workshop, learners will study modules and complete assignments. (approximately 240 hours required around 60 hours/module).
  3. Second Online Workshop: Introducing application of EE in the work area through 3 sessions of 2 hours each spread over 3 days. (in May).
  4. Course project: action project which would require 40-50 hours. The course project is an essential component of the programme and will be evaluated.

Key features of Diploma

Diploma course will train learners in the:

  1. Application of environmental education
  2. Planning and implementation of environment focused project management skills
  3. Use of interactive teaching-learning skills
  4. Learn about know-how of ‘project based method of teaching’
  5. Meeting curricular requirements in an interactive way

Course 2: Green Teacher – Short term Certificate Courses

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, teachers required training and handholding support to equip them with requisite knowledge of using various tools and techniques for EE. In this direction, CEE Academy was launched on World Environment Day 2021 where Green Teacher Short term Certificate Courses on EE have been announced in an online mode for teachers and educators. CEE Academy is offering following certificate courses in year 2021.

Start date: Next Academic Year

Duration: 9 hours spread over in 6 online sessions @ 1.30 hour per session

Language: English

Time per session: 2 sessions in a week (3 weeks) with tentative timings from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm (IST) on Tuesday and Friday.

Courses: Following three courses being offered in year 2021

Course 1 – Understanding Environment and Development Concerns

Course 2 – EE through Eco Club Approach

Course 3 - EE Pedagogy for Online Teaching-learning Course

Fee (for each course):

For Indian National - INR 5000/- Incl. GST 

For NRI -  USD 200/- Incl. GST

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Registration has been closed. For more details, Please write to us at [email protected]


Key features of the course

  1. Interactive Sessions from experts
  2. Hands-on online activities
  3. Experiential sharing from certified Green Teacher Diploma holders
  4. Peer to peer learning
  5. Open to all Pre- service, In-service school teachers and environment educators

Curriculum linkages

Environment Education is a compulsory subject in India. The National Curriculum Framework,2005 mandated the infusion of environment-related and work-based knowledge at all levels of school education and in all subjects of study. This has been also emphasized in the new National Education Policy 2020. Presently environmental content has been integrated and infused in the textbooks along with other oppurtunities. These online courses offered under Green Teacher programme aligns with the national curriculum.

Overall Benefits of Green Teacher Online Courses

  1. A certificate from CEE – a Centre of Excellence in the field of Environment Education
  2. Opportunity to interact with experts on EE and ESD
  3. Get involved in various global and national EE programmes and initiatives