The National Mission for a Green India (or the Green India Mission – GIM) was announced by the Prime Minister as one of the eight Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). The GIM aims at improving the country’s forest cover, qualitatively and quantitatively, thereby increasing the carbon-sequestration potential of our forests, so as to enhance the country's resilience against impacts of climate change. A multi stakeholder consultation on GIM was held at Jaipur by CEE, to facilitate a dialogue on implementations of policies. A hard copy of the draft document was prepared by CEE and was distributed for reading and preparing comments to all participants in advance. They were also encouraged to hold initial meetings at their group level and consolidate the comments, which could be brought to the consultation by a representative. Concurrent meetings of senior foresters and other officials from key government departments were also held at these locations, which were steered by Director General (Forests), MoEFCC. These meetings helped to focus on the operational, financial, and inter-agency cooperation issues related to the proposed mission. All the booklets of draft document were then collected to finalize the report on the consultations.