Corbett National ParkProgrammes in Corbett National Park:

CEE initiated its activities in the Corbett National Park through the World Bank supported UP Forestry project. CEE was involved in providing support to Uttarakhand Forest Department in the preparation and implementation of eco-development micro-plans by village communities around PAs (Protected Areas). Corbett National Park including Binsar and Sona Nadi Sanctuaries was one of PA in the programme while Nandadevi National Park including Kedarnath sanctuary, and Govind Pashu Vihar were other Pas under the programme.

 CEE facilitated the preparation and implementation of ecodevelopment microplans through well-designed strategies to reach out to communities with the help of a team of trained social motivators. CEE also helped the implementation of village level interventions including watershed development.

 Further a programme on conservation of elephants was also implemented in the park. A teacher’s manual was tans-adapted in Hindi on Endangered Elephants. Schools, nature guides and NGOs were involved in the development process. A teachers’ manual was developed titled Sakatgrast Hathi.

 Nature Guide Book for Teachers

Under its school initiative, CEE developed an educational programme for schools around national park. Through the year various educational activities were implemented in the schools. Teachers were given orientation to use the local environment in teaching various concepts in the classroom. To provide support to teachers a nature guidebook in Hindi was developed with information on National Park, its importance, uniqueness about its biodiversity, threats to its biodiversity, and role of schools in conservation education.

 The book titled Corbett National Park – Prakriti Parichay was developed for teachers, eco-club organizers, park guides and NGOs.

 Educational Activities and Events

CEE has organized various activities and events in school of the area with the support from local NGO – Corbett Foundation. Teacher training workshop, school annual events as melas, etc. were organized.

 As part of Government of India’s preparations for World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), CEE conducted children’s competition in 21 States and 5 Union Territories. The winners of northern part of India were taken to the Corbett National Park for a nature camp. Contact:

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