Start date: Coming soon

Duration: 9 hours spread over in 6 online sessions @ 1.30 hour per session

Time per session: 2 sessions in a week (3 weeks) with tentative timings from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Fees: Course 1 – INR 3000, Course 2 – INR 5000, Enrolment for both the courses – Fees INR 7000

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Vancouver, Canada has been conducting one-year Green Teacher Diploma in Environmental Education (EE) since 2005. This diploma aims to offer teachers an opportunity to empower themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills for effective transaction of concepts in environment and development in their classroom. Covid 19 pandemic has changed the entire scenario of the school education system. Teachers were required to switch over to online platforms to continue teaching their students. There was no or very little training and handholding was available for teachers to equip them with requisite knowledge of using various tools and techniques. To support teachers in this direction, CEE Academy is offering the Green Teacher Short term Certificate Course on EE in a online mode in the capsule format. Through this course, teachers and educators will learn about current Environment Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) topics in the wake of COVID – 19.

CEE Academy is offering two short term courses under Green Teacher (GT) in online mode using zoom platform. Each course is of 9 hours duration with 6 online sessions along with short assignments.

Course 2.1 – Understanding Environment and Development Concerns

Course 2.2 - EE Pedagogy for Online Teaching-learning

Key features of the course

  1. Interactive Sessions from experts
  2. Hands-on online activities
  3. Experiential sharing from certified Green Teacher Diploma holders
  4. Peer to peer learning
  5. Open to all Pre- service, In-service school teachers and environment educators


  1. A certificate from CEE – a Centre of Excellence in the field of Environment Education
  2. Opportunity to interact with experts on EE and ESD
  3. Get involved in various global and national EE programmes and initiatives


Course wise Sessions

Following sessions will be addressed:

Course 1 - Understanding Environment and Development Concerns

Session 1

Introduction to Environment Education in Schools and NEP 2020

Session 2

Earth – A living planet (Ecology and Biodiversity)

Session 3

Pollution and Climate Change Science

Session 4

Three dimensions of Sustainable Development 

Session 5

Global citizenship for Local Positive Action

Session 6

Emerging Sustainbility Challenges (Pandemic, Tolerance, Equality, Sanitation etc) -  Submission of Report and Evaluation for Certification

Course 2 - EE Pedagogy for Online Teaching-learning 

Session 1

Understanding importance and relevance of Environment Education Pedagogy

Session 2

Introduction to Learning by Doing approaches

Session 3

Using technology effectively 

Session 4

Hands on to designing and using online tools for engaging students

Session 5

Planning a lesson for EE linked to different subject disciplines

Session 6

Presentation by participants on sample EE online lesson plan

Highlights of the Courses

ESD aims to develop competencies that enables the learner to understand and engage with the complex environment around us. Some of the important competency outcomes of this short term courses are -

  1. Adaptability – embracing new ideas and ways of doing things and learning new digital tools. (Online learning through webinar)
  2. Inclusiveness – Interact and collaborate with other teachers/experts.
  3. Occupational knowledge – attaining subject knowledge proficiency from experts which will later aid to create inter-subject links at classroom level.
  4. Efficient time utilization and management
  5. Experiential learning – aligns the real experiences with subject through activity-based learning/ assignments.

Curriculum linkages

  1. Based on the National Education Policy 2020 and NCF-2005, most States/UT’s have integrated textbooks on environmental studies that address the sessions planned under this course

How to Pay Course Fee

Contact Person Details:

Utsav Modi
Project Officer
88 66 819 817 
[email protected]