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Transformative Learning for Sustainable Development

CEE Academy plans to offer short term and long term certificate courses on environment and sustainable development. CEE brings to the Academy its rich experience in Environmental Education and training across sectors and stakeholders.

The courses offered by CEE bring in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a core principle in its broadest sense working with a variety of stakeholders in the formal, non formal and informal settings. The UNESCO World Conference on ESD held during May 17-19, 2021 has brought into focus the importance of a holistic approach to education, addressing the whole community as learning communities for a meaningful change, whole institution, whole brain meaning embodied learning that includes socio-emotional and cognitive, and, a whole system approach. Teachers, educators, facilitators need the capacities, tools and resources to create the learning environment for the learners for transformation to happen in society. ESD would also need to focus on green skill sets to bring a change in the way industry and businesses work. Digital technologies would play a critical role in how learners learn in the years to come.

The courses are being offered under its own certification and also jointly with other national and international partners.

While the original thinking about conducting the various courses under the Academy, was entirely based on a face-to-face model, the current pandemic necessitated and has demonstrated tremendous potential of online training. Several platforms have emerged to make this possible. The big advantage of an online model of training is the possibility of making use of resource people from wherever they are based. For CEE which is connected to several national and international networks, this provides a major opportunity. The travel and stay costs are minimized which also makes programmes more affordable. An online programme where materials can be shared online or through post, could be an active programme without costs of stay and travel.

CEE Academy draws upon its fairly live and extensive community of people who have been with the organisation in the past, along with internal resources and expertise among partners.


  1. Provide ESD orientation to various sectors fostering values towards active citizenship
  2. Facilitate development of skill for transformative learning, critical thinking, ethical decision making, knowing interlinkages between SDGs
  3. Introduce cutting edge ESD practice, approaches, pedagogy etc. through a repository of global examples

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