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Transformative Learning for Sustainable Development

The CEE academy is set up with the purpose of offering courses that provide knowledge, tools and skills for transformative learning to educators and teachers, practitioners across sectors – rural, urban, corporates, decision makers, and young people to deal with the triple planetary crisis humanity faces. CEE brings to the Academy our rich experience and expertise in Environmental Education and training across sectors and stakeholders, and through partners.

The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for a transformative learning approach to enable change in mindsets and build capacities, skills, tools and resources for teachers, educators and facilitators. The CEE academy courses address these critical areas for capacity building.


  1. Provide sustainability orientation to various sectors fostering values towards active citizenship
  2. Facilitate development of skill for transformative learning, critical thinking, ethical decision making, knowing interlinkages between SDGs
  3. Introduce cutting edge sustainability practice, approaches, and pedagogy through a repository of local to global examples

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